Best Music of 2012

I used to have this thing called a blog where I would write about music, sports and web analytics. It’s a new year, so let’s try to get back on track shall we?

Here are the albums I enjoyed in 2012:

1) Frank Ocean – “Channel Orange” I find myself listening to songs from this album everyday. I think Frank has an interesting talent for making mundane everyday kind of things sound extraordinary. Almost like an album made from ramblings from Twitter. Plus the dude can sing.

2) Passion Pit – “Gossamer” – Their style has changed from their last album and I think for the better. I think some of their songs are written a little heavy handed but still a damn good album and sounds unique.

3) Andrew Bird – “Hands of Glory” – I love the sound of the album, the rustic nature of it. It isn’t his finest work by any stretch of the imagination but I like the sound. I listen to “Three White Horses” constantly.

4) The xx – “Coexist” – not as good as their debut but still decent

5) The Walkmen – “Heaven” – growing old gracefully.

6) The Avett Brothers – “The Carpenter” – sound nothing like they did 4 years ago but you have to keep moving. Also, I had to have an NC band on the list.

7) The Weeknd – “Trilogy” – technically this stuff had all been out there before but was re-released as a cohesive package in 2012. For some reason in 2012 I was really into dark R&B.

The jury is still out on as I haven’t listened to them enough to properly evaluate them:

Kendrick Lamar – “good kid, m.A.A.d city”

Grizzly Bear – “Shields”



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