A solution to backing out bad Omniture data…sort of

You’re in luck this week avid Diary readers. I am sitting about 30 feet from the Atlantic Ocean in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and its currently raining so I am inside writing. As an interesting aside, I found out that last week, Jimmy Buffet was renting the cottage I am. Would’ve been cool if I would have been here at the same time, I am sure he is a hell of a story teller. Probably doesn’t know too much about Web Analytics however.

I recently asked the masses to help me solve a problem with backing out data in Omniture. Unfortunately, the masses were silent which leads me to believe one of the following 1) no one cares 2) no one knows the answer. I am hoping #2 is the answer. So despite the silence, I’ve never stopped thinking about it and think I came up with the solution. Its not elegant but it works…sort of.

Since I am in the giving mode, I thought I’d share.

Step 1: You need to create an eVar to duplicate the value you capture via Purchase IDs. I called it Order Number.

Step 2: Create a SAINT classification for the newly created eVar Order Number. Make one of the columns ‘Status’ or whatever you want to call it.

Step 3: Export the SAINT classification for Order Number. Classify any order that was cancelled with something like ‘Cancel’

Step 4: Import SAINT classification

Now you have abilities to filter on things that are ‘Cancels’ or not. I’ve done it with some of our test data, and moved onto putting together a process to do this going forward. You can look at your Campaigns to see which ones are generating cancels. You can look at individual days and see how much was cancelled. I think the best use of it is actually with the Excel plugin as you could create data blocks with cancels (or without) and then use cell references to create cleaned up dashboards that would be filtered. Pretty neat stuff.

Pros of doing this:

It takes 5 min to put into action. Don’t need Omniture Engineering. Its a living table, so as things get cancelled or status changes you can change the SAINT file and doesn’t cause a ripple in the space-time contium

Cons of doing this:

Still doesn’t allow you to change the value of bad data (such as an incorrect dollar amount), just simply create a way to filter it out.

At the end of the day I still think Omniture needs a way to have Purchase IDs as a classification to easy move things around in a GUI like Campaign Manager as well as alter order data without having to go to Engineering. The idea is to make the tools as useful as possible and make it so your admin can actually adminster the data.


2 thoughts on “A solution to backing out bad Omniture data…sort of

  1. Hey Jim!

    I was curious what you are up to now that you have graduated and checked in on your blog. It looks like you are dealing with data issues, fun, fun, fun! I have helped some people reconcile this type of discrepancy in the past using . . . Data Sources – which can be scary, but would be more than happy to discuss with you. It also would be nice to catch up.

    Jared Conley

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