This weekend marks the end of a journey that started in early 2006 with a challenge to myself to go back to grad school and get my masters in business. On Saturday I graduate. 

I can’t lie, it feels damn good. In some respects this process was to get me out of my normal element and try to learn more about myself. It might sound odd or sadistic, but by putting yourself through a series of challenges, you end up figuring out who you are. You see your strengths and weaknesses, you realize how to work with others to accomplish great things. People ask me all the time, “Was it worth it?” And I definitely would say yes for the simple reason that I think I understand myself better than I did when I started. Sure I got a more refined business education and so forth, but the stress of meeting deadlines, working with other people and their differences of opinion, and somehow keeping the rest of my life in order helps me see things differently. In fact, I think things have slowed down for me and I can see big pictures more than I could before. I look at things through a different lense based on this experience. All good things.

So now what? To be brutally honest I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I never have. I tell people all the time that I’ve had no plan to get where I’m at, so why start now? In any case, based on this experience I think I’ve put myself in a good position to take on whatever life brings and look forward to it. Now back to only having one job everyday.


2 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Congratulations Jim. You worked insane hours to make this happen and I’m proud and a bit amazed to have known you while you did. Way to go. Best to you and your family.

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