Live from the Omniture Summit – Post #3 or 4 if you are keeping score at home

Wireless access at the conference was flaky, so didn’t get this out yesterday.

Some of the highlights from the breakout sessions –

Went to the Campaign Attribution session hosted by Mikel Chertudi. This session made me feel good as I realize I am not the only with troubles in attribution, its a huge problem in the industry.  There were some great tips in this session such as creating one version of the truth which I struggle with consistently. Your company likely has multiple agencies and multiple systems tracking revenue and conversions and nothing ever matches up. The key here was to make either your CRM system or Omniture to point of truth. I can’t agree more as all the other systems look at things in a vacuum. If you are doing reporting from DART for example, it only sees what is happening with banner ads. It has no idea that the conversions are actually occuring thru Paid Search or an Affiliate. Using something like Omniture ties them all together. 

I liked the best practice of setting the View Throughs for Post Impression to 7 days, as ours are set to 30 days now. The idea that people won’t remember an ad longer than a few days is probably a valid one and I think I might change our settings.

One of the things mentioned that we struggle with is whether to look at linear, last click, or first click as far as determining success. He accurately stated they are all valid, but every company needs to decide what is the way they want to evaluate success.  One thing I am not certain on is linear.  I didn’t have time to ask after the session, but Chertudi mentioned that linear brings in all campaigns.  So if you had 5 tactics that lead to a sell, the revenue would be split amongst the 5.  I don’t think that is actually the case in Sitecatalyst as I’ve found it only takes the last 2 and splits the revenue.  Now if the tactics all occured on the same visit, then yes it will show all 5 and split, in fact that happens with pages.  But with multiple campaign tracking codes over multiple visits I think it only takes the last 2.  Since I know Omniture reads this from time to time, if there is any clarification on this one, I’d love to hear it. My understanding is this is why the Campaign Stacking plugin was created because of the limitations with linear attribution.

A great tip on deciding between last and original is to measure them both and look at them side by side to see what the baseline is between them.  If they are roughly the same, just choose one. 

Another fantastic tip is to treat marketing tactics separately. Meaning treat internal promotions, remarketing, and external tactics as separate variables when tracking. We do that with Internal Promotions and External Promotions, but haven’t done that with remarketing.  I shall change.  The idea is that the remarketing would overwrite the credit to what got the visitors to the site to begin with before the remarketing.  The remarketing in some sense is similar to an internal promotion in some respects, just done outside of the site. 

The last session I went to was ‘What would you do with a couple of extra hours a day?’ which was energizing and inspiring.  The reason it was inspiring was Randall (didn’t catch the last name) from Electronic Arts presented on how he manages all the reporting and analytics across all of EA’s sites with really just 4 people.  I think everyone can relate to the problem of lacking resources.  In fact, I meant tons of other analysts in the same boat at lots of great companies some bigger than us. When I saw what he was doing with essentially nothing it gave me hope that I can get us farther along than where we are without having any new people (in fact we’ve lost people).  I think the elements that make him successful is the rigorous upfront planning he used to make sure the coding was the right way to help him measure the business.  Without a solid foundation all the automation in the world won’t matter.  I recently signed on to use Omniture consulting in an effort to help me clean up the implementation I did 3 years ago.  As I readily admit, I am not a coder, and I did a lot of it quickly and have likely made some mistakes along the way.  When I did this, best practices really didn’t exist.  So I am excited about the opportunity to clean this up and get my ship in order.  We struggle with creating a reporting structure that can reflect our global business and the hierarchy EA is using gave me some great ideas on how to reorganize our data and measure a global business. He’s set up quite a few a s.props and eVars to use for content categorization and use that to define his page naming schema.  I’ve left our page names in Omniture as the same names as they show up in the browser, by using the META title.  Unfortunately, Omniture has character limits and readability limitations in reports with longer page titles.  I think I can steal some of his naming taxonomy to make our page names shorter and more relevant.  Additionally, they’d become more stable instead of changing whenever the web team decides to change a page or we do something to help SEO.  Just seeing someone dealing with the same issues and organizing it in a better fashion gave me hope I can do the same thing.  Through in automation through Excel plugins and other things I have, I think I can realistically support all of constiuents without having headcount.  So I’m glad I saw that as the last session.


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