Live from the Omniture Summit – Post #1

So…blogging live from the Omniture Summit in 2009. Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with maintaining a quasi-live blog during my 3 days but I also need to catch up on real work while I am here. Just got out of the General Session kickoff with Omntiture CEO Josh James. It is apparent that Omniture now views themselves as an Optimization platform rather than just a web analytics company. With the tough economic climate, being efficient and running your business intelligent is becoming increasingly important. Optimization is key to that. Most companies are spending less on marketing or investing less in resources (including people) so getting better results from the marketing you do and a better experience for the customer in all of your web entities is vital. During his speech about trends, James mentioned the growth of mobile which shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. The thing that is interesting is that growth really isn’t in the US, and only beginning with the iPhone . What I saw last summer in Japan was eye- opening in how people are using cellphones for everything including paying for meals, shopping online, reading the news, watch tv, and keeping up with social media. As I think of it, the way we (meaning Lenovo) are doing web marketing (and marketing in general) in countries like China, India, Russia, Brazil, and Japan is probably all wrong. We should have a mobile website, as increasingly that is the way these folks are shopping. By not having a mobile website we are seriously limiting our audience potential in those regions as its becoming the norm.

On the new product front, James alluded to a couple of new product offerings. There are a few that if done properly could have huge repercussions on helping companies. The first is an application called Omniture Recommendations which offers suggestions on your website based on customer behavior. Essentially its what Amazon does but for the masses that use Omniture. Obviously, this could improve your upsell, cross-sell by giving more relevant offers (or content) to visitors based on knowing something about the users patterns and people that do likewise actions. The second big one (and the one I would like to utilize) is a new app called ‘CMO Dashboard’. The premise is that a lot of companies have tons of agencies, tons of reports that reside in Omniture and outside, tons of excel spreadsheets, etc but no central location that a CMO or senior leaders can go to see a consolidated dashboard that ties all these disparate data sources. Allegedly this tool can do that. If this works it will make tons of people happy. The key to me is what is the cost. I am really hoping when officially announced that there isn’t an exorbitant charge like Discover so that the overall community can advantage of it and capture the value of using Omniture. The last important tool that isn’t quite ready to be launched is something call DigitalPulse which gives Omniture customers a way to audit page tagging and look for holes in their implementation. Because its crawling pages look at tagging and META data it can also be used in scoring for SEO work. Pretty cool stuff. Lots more to come…


4 thoughts on “Live from the Omniture Summit – Post #1

  1. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the recap from the summit. I’m not as lucky as you to get to attend the summit this year.

    Can’t agree with you more on your comments about “the way we (meaning Lenovo) are doing web marketing (and marketing in general) in countries like China, India, Russia, Brazil, and Japan is probably all wrong.” But you know what, Lenovo is not alone. Dell doesn’t have a mobile site either!

    I’m curious to see how the new offerings from Omniture actually works. My experience with T&T integration with SiteCatalyst doesn’t give me good confidence to be optimistic, at least not right away. For any of their nice add-ons, we will probably 1) pay more money 2) spend more time customizing the implementation. It probably takes few months if not years to see how it works from the time the news release.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Ed, thanks for reading and sorry you aren’t out here, I think a lot of folks were in that same boat. Yeah, I haven’t used Test & Target yet so I don’t know what its been like in the past, but from the looks of it the integration between the 2 tools is getting smoother. That seemed to be a big emphasis this year…integration.

      And good to know we’re not the only ones not doing a mobile site. I don’t think it matters that much in America yet, but over in Asia Pacific I think it does. But… with things like the iPhone that have essentially a full browser, maybe it won’t matter? Maybe having a decent site will be ok as phones get real browsers.

  2. Hi Jim,
    Thanks very much for your conference reports. I would love to attend but I’ve been tied up with our recent product launch of protectedpdf Small Business Edition,

    Jim, I’m wondering if there is any talk at the conference about the optimization and analytics beyond the website? Specifically, tracking content that leaves a website such as a PDF white paper or product data sheet? I’m interested as we recently launched docmetrics,, the first SaaS application to track who’s reading PDF’s including complete analytics about when the PDF is opened, how many pages are read, how much time is spent reading each page, prints, etc. I’m curious if you come across any information about this topic. Many thanks, Peter

    1. Hi Peter…thanks for checking out my meager blog. For tracking PDFs like you mentioned, I haven’t heard of anyone doing it and there wasn’t any mention of it at the Summit. I would assume if you password protected it or something and had the PDF make a call out to a server you could track like anything else in Omniture and get the metrics you wrote about. But maybe I am overly simplifying it as I’ve never tried. You can embed an Omniture image request into almost anything that makes a call out to the internet, I’d just assume you could do the same with this.

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