Incoherent Tokyo Thoughts

How it went down in Tokyo…just some random thoughts (though Churbuck already beat me to posting on his blog.)

  • Cleanest huge city ever. Spotless. There was even a dude sweeping leaves off of a dirt trail. The dirt is clean!
  • People are geniunely nice and want to help you out there. Most seem to understand enough English to get by.
  • Churbuck ate horse for dinner, ‘uma’ for those that speak Japanese.

    Churbuck eats horse!
    Churbuck eats horse!
  • I ate sushi like everyday, so much so I had to eat McDonald’s at the airport cuz I just couldn’tdo it again.
  • They had some sort of magic eggs for breakfast, David B can back me up.
  • The temperature at night and during the day only varied by less than 10 degrees, very odd.
  • Really, really safe city despite not being able to speak the language.
  • Quite a lot of folks wear SARS pollen allergy (thanks komachi!) masks.
  • Had some eggplant thing that originated from Kyoto which was awesome.
  • Everyone has the baddest-ass cellphone you’ve ever seen. Harada-san showed us his cellphone and literally it was a handheld TV. Not sure how the iPhone will actually top that kind of stuff there.
  • The collusion of the US celluar networks to live on archaeic infrastructure as opposed to upgrading to newer technologies like most civilized countries is going to screw us eventually. Its amazing to see what people have in Japan.
  • Apparently Japan is the blogging capital of the world.
  • Japanese to English books provide endless hours of entertainment, especially the pick-up linesection. Best 7 dollars ever spent.
  • Perrier costs more than beer.
  • I am not a fan of sake, though I drank it every nite. Suntory Premium Malts is a quality brew.
  • Some of their currency looks like washers.
  • Cartoon characters are everywhere and on everything, amazing.
  • Arcades are prevalent, and businessmen are in there.
  • Nothing opens til like 10 am.
  • Japanese workers work ridiculous amount of hours, probably even more than Americans.
  • Watched a couple of baseball games on TV, Bobby Valentine was the manager of one of the teams.
  • Housing is crammed into every knook and cranny of the city, but still doesn’t look bad.
  • The best airport ever, everything is efficient, clean, even the security folks are great.
  • Folks in even the most menial jobs are overly nice and professional, which is the complete opposite in the US.

3 thoughts on “Incoherent Tokyo Thoughts

  1. They are not SARS masks, but produced for the pollen allergy. (though July is not the pollen season…) Many people in Japan have an allergy to some kind of pollens recently.
    Sorry for may poor English 😛

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