Lost in Insomnia

Konnechiwa…greetings from Tokyo.

I’ll try to write more later tonite, but I am literally insane right now. Since I left Raleigh on Monday morning I have slept a grand total of like 5 hours. I had to steal one of Dr. Churbuck’s traveling pharmacy sleeping pills just to sleep that much. Time travel is causing some serious problems with me. I feel as if I am on a moving ship and my hands are shaking. Good times.

I am fairly certain I am making no sense to anyone here. But here’s your post. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Lost in Insomnia

  1. i enjoy your blog.

    i empathize with your insomnia, but cannot imagine traveling for a living

    did you think about seeing a doctor or alternative health specialist for possible remedies. insomnia can be very dangerous and it’s increasing in our faster and faster world

  2. Phil –

    first off, thanks for being one of the six people who reads this blog.

    secondly, thanks for the concern. Luckily, I don’t travel all that often. Webex and conference calls save me from that. And yes, I probably should see a sleep specialist or something cuz i go through ridiculous stretches with this stuff, last week was one of the worst. Now that I am back in America I slept 12 hours last nite, and feel slightly better.

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