Friday July 4th Randomness

Still in hilton head, sc.

Its july 4th…did you know Thomas Jefferson died on 4th July? Like Alanis Morrisette said “isn’t it ironic”? I have a strong affinity to old TJ, since I was born in Charlottesville and I am the black sheep of my family for being the only one not to go to UVa (I was too stupid).

Speaking of which, I am currently reading the Federalist Papers to read why Hamilton, Jay, and Madison rationalize why a Federal government is better than giving states more power. Kind of interesting, but damn people back then were waaaaaaaaaay too wordy. Too bad Hemmingway wasn’t a founding father, the Constitution would have been a paragraph.

So happy birthday America. I am celebrating by drinking hard liquor (we have to get rid of everything before leaving the vacation house…so a half gallon of Jim Beam must go down) and watching the Red Sox vs Yankees game via (greatest invention ever). Sox up 6-3 after Lowell hit an inside pitch over the wall in left. Its criminal that ESPN and others don’t have non-stop games on today. WTF, now i have to look like a freak drinking liquor hovering over my laptop, instead of the big tv.

Also, I’ve added a lot of links into my blog, one of which is my brother’s blog (also a UVa alum). Hopefully it will include tales of corruption in Florida politics, jai lai, and star wars trivia.

um…back to business.


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