Monday Randomness

So…currently kicking it in Hilton Head, SC. On the annual vacation to our neighbors to the South. Today, saw about a 6 ft gator. I am going to try borrow my brother-in-law’s iPhone to see if I can get a pic of the gator and post here. Tonite, going to a tennis exhibition, complete with kegs and a Dutch announcer. Its highly entertaining.

Next week I am traveling to Japan for the first time to meet with the marketing team there. Really psyched. I hate flying but love visiting new places. This is the first time I’ve been out of the country in 10 years, since I went to Australia for summer school and large scale debauchery. The debauchery should be made into a movie at some point as it included international gangsters, gambling, tall-tales, leaches, aborgines, drinking, and wallabies amongst other things. As for the Japan trip, allegedly we are going to see a Japanese baseball game (right Churbuck?) which is a definite live-blogging opportunity. Now just need a device to do it on.

Speaking of devices…I think I might splurge this summer and grab an iPhone. Somehow I need to con Lenovo in to paying for it, as I need it for mobile advertising research.

OK…I wrote something as part of my agreement.

Maybe more tomorrow on some web analytics stuff I am putting into words.


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