Serialization of Events

yeah its 5:09 AM. Its called insomnia, and it sucks.

Anywho…wanted to write about something that folks may or may not know about how Omniture collects success events. If you do nothing on the backend to restrict the success events from occuring on pages, an event would be collected everytime a page is loaded. For the uninitiated…success events are basically measured goals or objectives on a site, such as purchases, email optins, leads, getting to an important piece of content, watching a video, downloading a file, etc.

Example – we have a success event on the first page of our configurator. If a visitor configures a product and clicks the back button back to the first page of the configurator it would trigger the event again and we’d capture 2 events. In reality, I just want to capture it once. So what to do?

There is a functionality called ‘Event Serialization’ which allows you to use a unique identifier in conjuction with an event so the event is counted only once.


You have to create some logic to make the unique identifier occur but then you will only count the unique instances of it. You could probably do it a variety of ways such as using a sessionid, whatever you do it needs to be server-side code and not some randomizing function that assigns an id because the random function would create a unique id each time a page loads, which defeats the purpose.

I assume in my example above with the configurator that I could configure the serialization to happen on a specific product too, because a visitor could configure multiple products during a visit and I want to capture each unique product being configured, but only count it once per product. I’ll try to put this one into practice and report back the result.


One thought on “Serialization of Events

  1. Any luck using session ID to create the unique identifier? Omniture has not provided a best practice as to what kind of server side unique identifiers work best.


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