Campaign Stacking in Omniture Vol.2 (The Wrath of Khan)

I started this with the original post cleverly named Campaign Stacking in Omniture but wanted to expand a little based on some emails I got from people wanting to hear my experience with it. Since the post in December I implemented the campaign stacking plugin but haven’t really exploited the data that was captured. Couple of reasons why:

1) There still isn’t a great way within SiteCatalyst or Discover to visualize the data as to how visitors are encountering tactics, the typical patterns, or the influence of the tactics on one another. Basically we are just capturing the string and then classifying the tracking codes into categories. The usability of the data is still needed. I wanted to bring that up at the Omniture Summit in March, but we ran out of time, and I’m sort of shy.

2) Classifying the data is time-consuming. Since every string of unique tracking codes is captured you get a ridiculous amount of data to classify. This takes forever even after I built some databases to automate some of it.

3) Doesn’t capture things that aren’t campaign identifiers. For example, we use the Genesis integration for DoubleClick which passes data from DART but not as a cid. The campaign stacking logic is looking for a cid= in the url string. DART doesn’t have a cid. Also, you miss out on non-campaign tactics like SEO or people just coming in via Bookmark/Typed in.

4) The last limitation is that you have no frame of reference as far as time goes to the campaign stacking. You don’t know the time between each tactic. Like is it 3 weeks later that someone goes from Paid Search to an Affiliate? There is no timestamp captured.

If Omniture fixes all of these things, Campaign Stacking becomes infinitely useful.


7 thoughts on “Campaign Stacking in Omniture Vol.2 (The Wrath of Khan)

  1. Hi James,

    I have enjoyed your posts. Quick question – once Omniture has a visual on this data, how are you planning on taking action? How will it save the world? Thanks 🙂


  2. Hi Jim,
    I too would be interested in some of the detail you’re seeing and the benefit you’re able to extract out of the data. We are contemplating using their professional services team to help us implement this on our site and after reading your posts I’m somewhat hesitant to take it on if there aren’t clear paths on how to treat the data.


  3. Brad – First, thanks for reading. Actually stacking has some decent benefits, though still no official way to look at it within SiteCatalyst. We still have to dump it out in excel or whatever and mine it manually.

    Additionally, it can only be used for things with a campaign identifier, so if you do some Unified Sources VISTA rules to track something like SEO as if it were a campaign, it wouldn’t show in the stack.

    I am going to write another post about this in greater detail, but Omniture should actually do the stacking on the backend not thru the stacking script in the s_code.

  4. In terms of Dart integration, do you have any experience of integrating Dart for Publisher data into SiteCatalyst. I can use the standard data sources ad-server integration and that would give me things like clicks, impressions etc, but in an ideal world I want to be able to attribute this information and revenue for the ad’s to site sections and pages. This can be an offline upload but I don’t seem to have a way to attribute this info to a page view.

  5. Hi Tim – the only DART for Advertisers integration I’ve done so far is the standard Genesis one. I don’t know what exists for Publishers, as I’ve never had to worry about it.

    When you say revenue for the ad’s site sections and pages, isn’t this already in the Genesis integration with regards to Site Name and Placement id?

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