Another semester in the can

so avid Diary readers probably are astounded that I already wrote something today (on web analytics to boot) and now followed it up with one of my patented “I am still alive” rants.

and yes, I am still alive. thanks for asking.

Tonite ended my summer school session. Only took one this summer as opposed to the 2 I took last summer that almost killed me. It feels friggin awesome to be done….at least until mid-August. Then only 4 courses remain. Holy crap. The Entrepreneurship class was top notch as was the professor, Dr. Baker. It challenged me to think about how my social network is built and what I am actually trying to do careerwise and if my network is aligned to that goal. Plus, we read some Malcolm Gladwell, which is always a good thing. Plus part 2, I learned how to spell entrepreneurship.

and now..i am basking in the glow of being done. and drinking a Rogue Hazelnut. sort of my personal victory cigar. Just like Red Auerbach.

So what am I gonna do with all this free time?

1) hang out with the fam. My family gets completely shafted in my school/work bonanza and need to do a better job with the balance

2) reclaim my blog….seriously, going to post every other day until the fall semester

3) Read books I want to read instead of forced to read. Reading Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy now

4) See my friends. Just like my family, I’ve been delinquent.

5) Make some more beer.

6) Go to Hilton Head for a week

7) Maybe go to Japan (we’ll see)

Speaking of beer…Rooker informs me our latest batch the Liberty Ale is “oily”. Have no idea what that means, but sounds disgusting. He thinks its due to the dry-hopping, which also sounds disgusting. We shall see, its not supposed to be ready for 2 more weeks. He also mentioned he couldn’t even drink a full glass of it…and this is a man who can drink some beer. If it stays that way, this one will be named “Valdez”. And will be taken down from future consideration.

On the entertainment front I think I’ll write about the new albums from My Morning Jacket, Coldplay, and Wolf Parade on Friday/Saturday.

Anywho…I am going to get back to doing nothing. No case studies, etc. Just watching some baseball on and doing some coding… I know.

Talk to ya soon.


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