The Needle and the Damage Done

So folks that know me, know that I love baseball. It has always been a big part of my existence, in fact I learned how to read because of baseball (I learned to read boxscores in the paper). So you might be wondering about my take on the Mitchell report coming out yesterday, and even if you don’t care, too bad.

I’ve had people ask, why is Congress even involved with this? Its baseball, who cares? Well, here’s why. For starters, a lot of this junk the players are using violates Federal drug laws, despite not violating baseball’s own rules until 2005. So it is a big deal in that regard, and the fact that everyone turned a blind eye to criminal activity is not cool. The second reason, and maybe the more important one, is to send a message to reach all the high school and under athletes thinking about going down this road in the future. Drugs are bad kids!

No amount of testing is ever going to get rid of this from sports. The crooks will always stay a step ahead. So the only thing we have left is the ability to ostracize the guilty ones and shame them. Its really the only weapon. Maybe this will freak out some 17 year old from going down the same path.

There were only 80 or so players in the report, but likely 3 or 4 times that in reality are using. They just weren’t ratted out by scumbag batboys . Without having subpoena power, they had to rely on testimony from questionable sources. Imagine if this was a real investigation?

One thing I think this further points out is the growing portion of society looking for the easy way out. Don’t like how much you weigh or look? Have surgery! Want to get stronger? Take a pill. Want to get ahead? Cheat! I just think its another sad commentary on things.

What will happen to the players? Probably not much. Its interesting to see the lack of players coming out denying much of anything. Doesn’t that tell you something? Also, in looking at the report itself, most of the players wrote friggin personal checks for the drugs and had it delivered to their house or even the clubhouse of their team. I mean if you’re going to cheat, you might not want to leave a paper trail. Morons.

What will ultimately happen to baseball? Probably not a whole lot. The game is beyond the actions of a bunch of stupid people. Remember the Black Sox of 1919? Remember the strike(s)? Remember the cocaine seige in the late 70’s and 80’s? Each time baseball survived fine and will do so again. MLB generated over $6B last year and had record attendance. Fans aren’t stupid. They know you don’t get better as you age. The human head does not triple in size from age 30 to 40. Baseball fans in general are going to keep watching, its what they do. I know I will. Do I like the fact probably a third of the players were jacked up on substances? No, and no else does either. So maybe that makes me an accessory in the steriod age as well.

more to come I’m sure…


2 thoughts on “The Needle and the Damage Done

  1. I started reading this post and said to myself…”uh… baseball” (remember we don’t get that here and I don’t get the game. I tried; I watched a couple of the World Series games while at Raleigh, couldn’t get a grip on the game).

    The post has nothing to do with baseball. I happen to share the same points of view on how we increasingly take the easiest way out. Its disturbing and becoming more and more popular.

    Food for thought. Good to see 3 posts in a row at the Diary, Jim.

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