Radiohead’s Interesting New Album

File this under bizzare marketing.

Radiohead’s new album is available only as a digital download for the next 2 months before showing up in the tangible world in December. Many bands actually employ this strategy these days, so what’s the catch?

Well, the catch is you can pay whatever you want for the album. Seriously, you could pay 5 cents, 100 bucks, or anything you want. This is an interesting social experiment if nothing else. I gave Radiohead 10 bucks, maybe I’m crazy…or maybe its guilt. Or maybe they figure fans will pay a fair rate for the music. In any case, this has to be one of the weirdest ways to sell an album.

To pre-order the new album its at:
It can be downloaded on Oct 10th.

Here is my ranking of the previous radiohead albums…
1) Ok computer – A plus. Probably in my top 5 albums. It exemplifies modern paranoia. Man vs machine,etc. Basically a masterpiece and still ahead of its time 10 years later.
2) the bends – A plus. Great guitar rock
3) kid a – A plus. I actually listen to this one more than any of them, and has gotten me interested in electronic music over the years
4) amnesiac – B plus…not quite as jarring as Kid A, but still has some impressive songs like Pyramid Song. Close your eyes and listen to that song, its amazing.
5) hail to the thief – B minus – Some slow songs and some filler, but also some great tunes like 2+2=5 and Drunken Punchout at a Wedding
6) pablo honey – C I don’t own it, but my brother did. Couple of decent songs, strong debut, but ultimately not songs i would keep coming back to.


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