Wisdom of Crowds Exercise : CMO Dashboard

About every few months or so I like to try to utilize the Wisdom of the Crowds for help on projects I am struggling with or interested in thinking outside of my own limited knowledge and experiences. Today’s assignment is what should the average metrics dashboard look like for a Chief Marketing Officer? As with any dashboard exercise, there should only be a max of 5 key metrics…but what would those 5 be?

Marketshare? Marketing Expense to Revenue? Brand Awareness Score? Net Promoter Score (a la “The Ultimate Question”)? Web Traffic growth?

So there you have it…you have your mission. As always, I welcome any help you the community of the Diary may give.


8 responses to “Wisdom of Crowds Exercise : CMO Dashboard

  1. By marketshare, I assume you mean change in marketshare? Depending on what the corporate goals are and the company’s position in the industry will dictate that.

    For some companies, simply maintaining current marketshare could be considered a success in certain circumstances.

    But I think you are pretty spot on with those. If anything I would rank or weight the scores within the matrix according to your list. An overweight on marketshare comparative to web traffic growth, for example, since theoretically, web traffic growth should yield higher marketshare.

    Corporate finance is fun. Just memorize the capital assets pricing model and its all good.

  2. For any of your readers interested in learning more about Net Promoter, I’d like to direct them to Jeanne Bliss’s blogs – she is author of “Chief Customer Officer.” Her blogs are good food for thought for marketing executives:


    As are Richard Owen’s two recent blogs (next month’s will related to the CMO as he notes at the end of his most recent blog):


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