Rambling on Miss Teen SC

The worst part about the whole Miss Teen South Carolina insanity, isn’t the fact that her answer was completely nuts…its the fact that she is going off to a college this fall to Appalachian State. I, as a U.S. American, am offended that she got into my alma mater. It instantly destroys any credibility I might have. That and the “Hot, Hot, Hot” video on YouTube. These are trying times for Mountaineer nation. At least we have 2 straight championships. Did I mention App State plays Michigan this weekend? Yipes.

In case you missed her answer to the question during the pageant, here it is with subtitles. Classic.


New favorite site

Shocker…I try to learn to play a lot of Bob Dylan songs on guitar. In doing so I stumbled across this really good tab site for Dylan songs.

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Wisdom of Crowds Exercise : CMO Dashboard

About every few months or so I like to try to utilize the Wisdom of the Crowds for help on projects I am struggling with or interested in thinking outside of my own limited knowledge and experiences. Today’s assignment is what should the average metrics dashboard look like for a Chief Marketing Officer? As with any dashboard exercise, there should only be a max of 5 key metrics…but what would those 5 be?

Marketshare? Marketing Expense to Revenue? Brand Awareness Score? Net Promoter Score (a la “The Ultimate Question”)? Web Traffic growth?

So there you have it…you have your mission. As always, I welcome any help you the community of the Diary may give.

Back to School and Other Rambles

Hola Amigos

Well, I started back to grad school last Thursday after a nice 3 week hiatus. This semester I’m taking Corporate Finance and Operations & Supply Chain Management. I like both professors, and genuinely interested in both topics as I’ve actually worked in both areas at one point or another. Big project in Operations, but think it will be something worthwhile. After this semester, only 21 more hours to go which is a little over half way done. Did I mention I am having the biggest party ever when I graduate? Its going to have bands, clowns, donkeys, the whole shebang. And then my wife and i are going to Vancouver for a while. Its these prizes that keep me going. that and an MBA.

The break was a short-lived reprieve from the normal weekends being consumed by projects and reading. So I actually got to spend time with the fam (Dylan got to meet his father) and catch up on the baseball season to witness the Braves falling behind because they have the equivalent pitching staff of one of the Little League world series combatants. I thought the Mark Teixeira trade was going to turn the tide, but it turns out he can’t pitch as well as play first base and the Braves pitching staff is brutal beyond Hudson and Smoltz. I am sort of surprised they didn’t attempt to resurrect Steve Avery or something cuz he can’t be as bad as the 4th and 5th starters they are using. Why not go to a 4 man rotation? Can it be any worse?

On the music front, been listening to the new Spoon album “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga..” Go get it, its quality. Also, been on a Velvet Underground kick with their first 4 albums in heavy rotation. White Light/ White Heat is some crazy stuff.

And last weekend I saw the movie “Superbad”, which is the first movie in a theatre I’ve seen all year. My wife gave me a get out of jail free card for the nite so I went with some friends. Its hysterical, if you like insanely immature, crude high-school boy humor. and of course, i do. The kid from Arrested Development (Michael Cera) is crazy funny as is Jonah Hill, but McLuvin takes the cake. While you are at it…rent the first 3 seasons of Arrested Development, one of the funniest tv shows of all time. You won’t be disappointed.

Campaign Stacking within Omniture

Perhaps Omniture reads my blog, I mean who doesn’t?

On June 26th, I complained in this post about how Omniture doesn’t have a way to look at all the campaigns that contributed to a sale, only just the last 2 when doing linear attribution. About 2 weeks later, one of the guys on the Omniture message board alerted me that Omniture had just posted a new plugin to do exactly as I described. Its called the Campaign Stacking plugin. You have to request it from your account rep and then add it to your s_code.js.

I have the code for the plugin and just about to unleash it. I’ll post some of my findings when its live. But I wanted to alert folks that Omniture created something that might do the trick, so go get it and try it! And then post your findings here.

Newest Toy

After having my 20 gb original generation iPod for the last 5 years, I decided to finally step it up. So I headed over to the Mac store at Crabtree and went all out and got the 80 gb version. I have a lot of music, over a 100 gb worth (the BMG memberships in high school and college were just obscene). So I couldn’t even get all the music on there, but I did put about 65 gb worth and left it open for new stuff down the road. I also have all my audiobooks like David Sedaris and the Bob Dylan Chronicles on there. Along with my language audiobooks for Chinese and Spanish. Also, now I have videos like David Chappelle and the Office, just in case I am ever on a plane or just bored somewhere. Its loaded.

A few months ago I used to have a wildly popular segment on this blog with my Daily Tunes from the randomness that is the shuffle feature on the ipod. Unfortunately, in recent months my tape deck in my car (which the ipod played thru) met its untimely end, so the tunes were no more on the way to work. The new pod was purchased with a new Griffin iTrip FM transmitter which does the trick nicely. I got one of the auto ones so I don’t have to mess around with any software or anything. The tunes have returned. And there was much rejoicing.

This week I am determined to listen to some albums I haven’t listened to in a while, and decided to share:

Monday – Sly & the Family Stone – Fresh

Tuesday – David Bowie – Aladdin Sane

Wednesday – Neil Young – Zuma

Thursday – Whiskeytown – Faithless Street

Friday – The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground & Nico

Sly was sublime today.

Valuable SEM lesson when using SearchCenter

yes, i know i took a break.

Tip of the day for all you would-be marketing gurus using Omniture SearchCenter when doing paid search keywords to drive more traffic to your site. When setting up the urls you are driving traffic too, make sure your urls are under 250 characters.  We recently learned that lesson the hard way at Lenovo. You won’t pick up your tracking codes and the clicks, revenue, etc won’t show up in your reporting. The character limitation is actually documented within the SearchCenter manual, so it isn’t like we weren’t warned. Second tip of the day…read all documentation.