On second thought about Adams’ new album

Like I suspected…the new Ryan Adams album “East Tiger” is starting to grow on me, and has moved up to a B. Its just not a good album to listen to while running and that’s ok, I’m sure he’s fine with that assertion.

After the re-inspection of the album, I dig the songs: “Goodnight Rose”, “Two”, “Halloweenhead”, and “Two Girls”. “Halloweenhead” is goofy but ultimately pretty fun, and even has a call for a guitar solo. Some of the songs had already popped up before in my ridiculous Ryan Adams collection of bootlegs, demos, and scrapped albums. I think “Off Broadway” and “Two Girls” are from like 4 years ago or so. Always wondered why they hadn’t made an album, and now all of a sudden they make it. Interestingly enough, Adams is supposed to release a box set later in the year with like 6 albums that never met a release. The dude is prolific if nothing else.

So its a better listen than originally thought. If I were ranking all of Adams’ albums (excluding albums with Whiskeytown) it would look like this:

1) Heartbreaker – the whole thing is amazing, reminds me of North Carolina and drinking

2) Jacksonville City Nights – more country than other albums, and maybe the most cohesive record he has.

3) Cold Roses – Adams introduces his Grateful Dead side and jams with some strong songs like “Let it Ride”,”If I am a Stranger”, and “Magnolia Mountain”

4) Gold – polished follow up to Heartbreaker and has some of his best songs like “When the Stars Go Blue” but ultimately drags in places and doesn’t seem to have the same kind of soul like Heartbreaker.

5) Easy Tiger – we know

6) Rock N Roll – Adams tries to get all punky with mixed results

7) Love is Hell – sort of Jeff Buckley-ish and moody, including a cover of Oasis’ “Wonderwall”

8) Demolition – has one of my favorite Adams songs “Nuclear” but a lot of throw-aways too
9) 29 – not a good album at all, should have released one of his 10 or so unreleased albums


2 thoughts on “On second thought about Adams’ new album

  1. I have listened to Easy Tiger a couple times as well and it is a grower. The only change I would make to your rankings is to switch Cold Roses with Jacksonville City Nights. Cold Roses has that great twangy jam style but also incorporates some of the more moody vibe that Heartbreaker and some of the Whiskeytown records have.

    Nothing can touch Heartbreaker, such a great record.

  2. Jesse Malin’s Glitter in the Gutter is also worth checking out. At times it has a bit of the early Springsteen feel to it.

    Also been listening to Josh Ritter’s Hello Starling, an older album from 2003. His songwriting makes you want to go to Idaho and live in a cabin by the river.

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