Omniture and Interwoven partner up

Oh, snap…its beginning. The utopian vision of the integration of analytics and Content Management is kicking into full swing. First it was the TouchClarity acquisition by Omniture, and now the announcement of a partnership with Interwoven and Omniture.

Article here:

Having your web content respond based on analytics is going to be a wild ride. And probably expensive. But interesting nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “Omniture and Interwoven partner up

  1. Are you suggesting a future in which the appearance of a page, and perhaps a entire site is dynamic based on how traffic behaves? I.e. perhaps a home or landing page automatically adjust which links and graphics become more prominent based on user behavior? Automatic promotion/demotion of content based on user preference? Interesting thought.

  2. Mark – that is what I am saying. Its basically machine learning to optimize experience and results. Think if we could gear landing pages dynamically based on a visitor being from a particular Google keyword or from a specific banner, and have it done automatically as the content is being served dynamically based on algorithms from web analytics. Relevancy becomes possible instead of a carpet-bomb approach.

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