Happy Friday from D.Swad


Originally uploaded by mastasplinter2001

Dylan now has his own hip-hop name, D.Swad.
Why D.Swad?
D is for Dylan
Swad is for Swaddler, as in Pampers Swaddler diapers, which is his brand of choice.

So there you have it…D.Swad is in the house!

Honestly, he is going to have an identity crisis when he grows up as we call him a million different names. Before he was born, he had the code name of Bok Choy, which I still think rocks as a name. Being named after a cabbage is an excellent conversation starter.

So what does this have to do with web analytics? Absolutely nothing.


5 thoughts on “Happy Friday from D.Swad

  1. Jim,

    It’s really great to see your passion for your son, and that you and your wife are celebrating his life daily.
    Congratulations again.

    You know, P. Diddy (or whatever he’s going by now) changed his name often, so maybe as Dylan goes through various stages, he can aquire new and more relevant hip-hop names? D.Swad, is genius.

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