The Book Fairy

Hola amigos…not sure if I still actually have a readership these days, as life, school, and work have me pretty consumed to the point where the Diary has suffered mightily. I know I’ve promised in the past to write more, but we know how things go.

So as I am finishing up a few papers due tomorrow, I checked my mailbox and was stoked to find 2 new books to add to the Hazen Memorial Library. Got “Actionable Web Analytics” by Jason Berby and Shane Atchison and the highly anticipated copy of “Web Analytics An Hour a Day” by the web analytics macdaddy Avinash Kaushik. Go get Avinash’s book on Amazon. He even hooks you up with a CD-ROM full of podcasts, videos, and powerpoint presentations that reflect the contents of the book. I’ll be passing this book around my team and will be giving tests until absorbed.

Both books are next in the queue after I finish reading “Catch 22”, which I’ve started and stopped about 20 times in the last 8 years, and determined to finally finish. Very funny book. That and Faulkner’s “Sound and the Fury” are the 2 books I am making an effort to finish this summer.

In case anyone cared what other media I am absorbing in my down time:
Movies – been on an old Dustin Hoffman kick in Netflix with “All The President’s Men” and “The Graduate”. Also checked out “Half Nelson”, which makes me wonder if some of my former teachers were crack addicts as well. For the record, “Half Nelson” was pretty good.

I somehow need to escape and see “Knocked Up” and get ready for this summer’s sleeper hit “Superbad” (check out the previews on YouTube)

Music – Got the new Wilco album, not the best in their catalog. I’d give it a C+. I’ve only listened to it a few times as the songs didn’t really standout much, as opposed to their earlier works. Some folks have really liked it, and maybe I am missing something.

I am getting anxious waiting for the new Queens of the Stone Age “Era Vulgaris” and Ryan Adams’ new one “Easy Tiger”. If you ever have a few hours to kill, check out his website at Ryan is one of the few recording artists who updates his site pretty regularly with whatever idea pops in his head (good or bad).

more to come? maybe something intelligent about Web Analytics? we shall see…


2 thoughts on “The Book Fairy

  1. Firstly I must say I’m kind of new in this blog things, so please excuse if what I’m writing is the totally opposite of waht’s supposed.
    When I read this entry, I thiught “this guy isn’t as mad as he thinks he is”. I really loved your entry, because of your spontaneity when writing. I thoght od your happiness when writing about those books and a kind of summary of music, movies, which is a very interesting thing.
    so, I congratulate you for your blog…. I’ll keep an eye on it!!!

  2. What’s in a blog title anyway? Who’d read “life of an ordinary guy”? Well, maybe someone would, especially if the content was ironically way off, like “the family guy” show on TV. The whole “madman” think ads definite mystique.

    Your audience can really see your passion and life energy on display, with your son, your grad work, and your time spent on reading, music, and media.

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