EMI says to hell with DRM

Interesting news from Apple and EMI on DRM. Article from Gizmodo

The interesting part is how EMI believes this will get them a larger slice of the music sold via online purchases.  Hopefully, more companies move in this direction, DRM isn’t preventing piracy, so lets end the charade and make things work across platforms.

Albums will cost the same with the higher audio quality and individual tracks will cost more as DRM-less. Unfortunately, I just bought LCD Soundsystem’s new album on iTunes before this deal. Should have waited to get the higher audio quality.

Speaking of music…here is what I have been listening to of recent.

Modest Mouse’s new album – “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank” – really like it

LCD Soundsystem – “Sound of Silver” – this has become my main workout music.

Neil Young – “On the Beach” – great classic album

Peter Bjorn and John – “Writer’s Block”

Arcade Fire – “Neon Bible” – its ok, but not nearly as good as “Funeral”…but then again what is?


One thought on “EMI says to hell with DRM

  1. I truly believe no devices such as DRM (and other failures in the past, remember Sony’s Copy protection that could be bypassed with scotch tape?) will prevent piracy. They are a waste of money, and probably they drive more profit loss than anything else. A good move by EMI I say.

    PS: support your favorite artists by BUYING…

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