Ramblings for a Tuesday morning

well, took a Marketing exam last nite…and honestly that was my first ever F on an exam. I didn’t even get half way through it. Unreal. Not sure I’ve ever been than that angry before. When I got in the car I had to sit there for a few minutes cuz I was scared I was going to wreck otherwise. Not fun times. Really frustrating 3 hours and jumpstarted more insomnia last nite. This morning though I feel sort of cathartic as its over. Nothing I can do about it, except learn from my mistakes and move on. Now if I could just get my Dolorean working I could do something about it.

In other news…so it was a great ACC tourney over the weekend, and of course basically all my predictions were incorrect. As always…I don’t know what I am talking about. NC State played with a lot of guts, and they should be very proud of themselves. I found myself rooting for them vs UNC on Sunday. Brandon Costner for NCSU was basically unguardable all weekend and was robbed of the MVP.

And so the NCAA tourney begins, and productivity drops another notch not just in the South, but nationally. Everyone has a bracket. I might post my picks later tonite, so that you can pick opposite of me as I don’t know what I am talking about, see ACC tourney picks for a reminder. Also, App State is playing in the NIT.

What am I reading?

Just finished ‘The Road”…very sad story involving the acopalypse and a father-son’s struggle for survival. For some reason I kept thinking of me and Dylan the whole time. Interesting writing style, might check out other McCarthy books.

Started Michael Lewis’ “Blindside” last nite. He is an excellent sports writer that transcends the genre. He also wrote ‘Moneyball”.  A lot more cheery than “The Road”.

Also, have “Good to Great” in the queue.

In the movie department, “Babel”, “Layer Cake”, and “Borat” are all on my desk. Looking forward to Borat.

Got the new Neil Young live acoustic album this morning “Live at Massey”. Plan on listening to it a bunch today.

ok…that’s it for now.


4 thoughts on “Ramblings for a Tuesday morning

  1. Bummer on the exam, Jim, not nice to hear either. Sometimes those negative results help recap and it’ll make you come back in a killer fashion. Stick to it, bro!

    If my reading queue weren’t that long already I’d try with “The road”.

  2. Check out Punk Marketing, fun read and some good thoughts on the new age of marketing.

    Also, Made to Stick is a good read.

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