ACC Tourney begins – the South shuts down

Today begins an unofficial, official Southern holiday…the ACC basketball tournament. Productivity will suffer immensely for the next 4 days.

Up until last year the action didn’t really begin until Friday, but now the league has expanded and there are a million teams, so they play 4 games on Thursday now. I can remember as a kid in elementary and high school where the teacher would wheel in a TV and have the tourney on all day, which might explains why I suck at math. It was weird growing up here as I never developed an allegiance to either Duke, UNC, or NC State but had to deal with lunatic fanbases argue over who was better. I have always rooted for UVa, as I was born there and everyone in my family went there, except me…cuz again I sucked at math. and english.

In any case, just about everyone I know takes off that Friday to watch the games and hang out with friends, whether officially taking off the day or not. So I am doing likewise. I used to disguise it as a working holiday, but the laptop won’t even be on tomorrow, unless it is to pick up stats from the games.

SO it begins again today…and here are my picks. GaTech is my sleeper in this playing on a neutral court, if this was in North Carolina I’d have them lose first round to Wake.

Thursday games:

Flordia State over Clemson, Maryland over Miami, State over Duke,  GaTech over Wake


UNC over Florida State, Maryland over BC, Virgina over State, GaTech over Virgina Tech


UNC barely over Maryland, GaTech over Virgina


UNC over GaTech


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