Omniture tip of the day – Feb 26th

For those that in the midst of Omniture implementation or those that are already implemented, you might want to take the time to read about the Plug-ins that are available in Knowledgebase.

Most of the plug-ins are helpful in making sure you generate even more accurate metrics or help solve hard to figure out coding solutions. For instance, there is one plugin called ValOnce which makes sure that the campaign codes you collect from external campaigns are only counted once from a click-through perspective so you’re not duplicating clicks if a visitor decides to hit an email or banner link 50 times. Otherwise, you’d count it 50 times.

Another plugin that I am going to implement soon is called dynamicObjectIDs which is used to solve problems with looking at data in ClickMap. If all of yourpages have basically the same url structure and there is nothing unique within the first 50 or so characters, than ClickMap results will look screwy as it can’t figure out which links are getting traffic. The dynamicObjectIDs plugin solves that by automatically assigning an ID to each link and tracks it that way as opposed to looking at the url. I plan on implementing that plugin this week, and I’ll definitely follow up with how it worked

Almost all of the plugins can be added to the s_code.js in Omniture and really enhances what the code can already do. So…take the time to see if there are plugins you’ll need. Happy coding!


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