Excellent Marketing

So today’s prize for best marketing goes to Turner Broadcasting, for their campaign to promote “Aqua teen Hunger Force”.

Story here: TV Network Takes Responsibility For ‘Hoax Devices’

So many people are probably like, “WTF is Aqua Teen Hunger Force?” And that is the genius of this stunt, in that now people will find out about the absolutely craziest show ever made. ATHF is basically a cartoon conceived on crystal meth and sniffing glue, that centers around 3 life-size FastFood items (Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad) that rent an apartment next to their sweatpants-wearing dirtbag of a neighbor named Carl. Aliens are routinely involved. Its hysterical. Supposedly, there is a new movie of ATHF coming out next month, and believe me people now know about it. There were tons of articles in the press on this. I love the show and had no idea the movie was coming out, so the stunt got my awareness. Excellent work.

Wonder if this kind of stunt would work for promoting PCs?


2 thoughts on “Excellent Marketing

  1. Fastfood chains use cartoon characters to attract kids and study shows that it is effective. I do not know about PC’s but what I know is, fastfood is not healthy for my children.

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