One of the few print magazines I actually subscribe to is Wired. There are always interesting things to read for a pseudo-geek like myself, but one in particular caught my attention.

The cats that created Kazaa and Skype are currently working on a new project that will destroy the other 2 in terms of importance. The newest venture is called ‘Joost’, and the article is here:

Why Joost is Good for TV

Basically it is the project to integrate TV and the web but doing so with the power of p2p networks. All while making it much more ‘findable’.

There are a lot of interesting facets to this project especially the p2p piece, but the crazy part, at least for me, is the ability to measure people’s viewing habits and create personalized marketing messages based on algorithms, demographics, and previous customer behavior. All of a sudden TV becomes as measurable as the web is today. Screw having people using set-top Nielson ratings boxes, you’ll now have data from actual customer behavior. Marketeers are going to rejoice over this as it further allows for relevancy of messaging.


One thought on “Joost

  1. Jim,

    Addressing the last part of your post – behavior modeling, a friend shared this one with me today.

    Interesting concept, I went through the first one on the left and found it entertaining for it to develop a “profile” for me, although I disagree with some of the aspects as I don’t think they match my social mask. Still, interesting model – wonder how it could be applied to select product or do some other matching kind of excercise?

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