Omniture tip of the day

For those would be Omniture implementers out there…

One thing that has been plaguing me of late is the way I’ve tagged our sites with Omniture. Because Omniture report suites act in a siloed fashion, its important to think through how you need to look at the traffic data in Omniture before going about and tagging your site.

For example in the Omniture code, there is a variable called s_account which essentially acts as a traffic cop for routing traffic. For instance, I could use s_account=”uspublic” for our Public site in the US and s_account=”ukpublic” for the Public site in the UK. Traffic for those pages would go their respective reports, so I’d have a US report and and a UK report. That would work well if both sites didn’t use the same Online Support pages, which has its own s_account=”esupport”. In Omniture’s report suites, if a visitor is on the US Public site and clicks to Online Support (which has its own report suite) it will appear as if they exited the Public site since that data is being captured in another report suite. Obviously this has drastic effects on your exit data as well as pathing. In fact, it renders it meaningles as a visitor on the Public site for that country would appear as an exit, but in fact they just went to piece of your overall site that is in another report suite.

So what can be done? The main way Omniture recommends is to do multi-suite tagging which Omniture offers at an additional cost. Multi-suite tagging essentially creates both a granular report suite as well as a master report suite for all data. Another route is to make everything go to a master report suite up front and use other variables to further classify and segment data. Honestly, I would think Omniture would have a better way to make all the existing report suites talk to each other for an ‘Enterprise’ view, but that doesn’t exist today.

I thought I’d throw that tidbit out there in case anyone was wondering what to do about routing their traffic with the s_account variable. Hopefully, this helps you make an educated decision.


3 thoughts on “Omniture tip of the day

  1. So, if you want a global roll up of all sites — s_accounts compiled into one overall view — you’re saying you can’t get there unless you move to multi-suite tagging?

    That sounds weird.

  2. Rollup Report Suites can be created, but it doesn’t treat the pathing data and exits any differently than what exists in the individual report suites. It just aggregates information in a rollup, but doesn’t treat the rollup as an ‘Enterprise’ view.

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