My honest belief is there are 2 types of people in the world…

People who love and can actively quote lines from the Big Lebowski and people who can’t. I firmly believe I can get along with anyone in the first camp.

I literally have seen the movie a couple thousand times, which for me personally is right up there with Dazed & Confused, of which I might have actually seen more times. Incidentally, both showcase awesome Bob Dylan songs “Man in Me” in Lebowski and “Hurricane” in Dazed.

For those that don’t know, there are Lebowski-fests across the nation to celebrate “The Dude” and all his glory. They also have a rockin site: http://www.lebowskifest.com/ 

In browsing the site, I found something I think I must purchase. An ‘Achiever’ onesie. I think Dylan needs this. Or maybe I need this for him. Either way…it kills me.

Lebowski Onesie


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