The World According to Pebbles

pebbles legs crossed.JPG

Originally uploaded by mastasplinter2001.

So since I am going to be busy with Dylan and grad school for the next few months ( and Dylan for the next 18 years), I will occassionally turn over writing duties to my chihuahua, Pebbles from time to time. She leads an extremely interesting life.

Here is her entry for today…

Today, I was abruptly awaken by Dylan crying and Jim picking me up and throwing me outside. It was like 24 frggin degrees outside this morning!! I am small and have short hair, this weather is not cool with me. Then I ate breakfast. After that I slept under a blanket for 8 hours. Then Jim came home and fed me and took me out again. Much warmer in the afternoon. Then I went back under the blanket to sleep for 3 hours next to Dylan. I am looking forward to getting some rest tomorrow after the busy day today. More to come….


2 thoughts on “The World According to Pebbles

  1. Hey Pebbles, long time no see… you MUST remind Jim you are a Chihuahua, and, thus, 24 degrees is not the weather you have in Mexico…

    I hope you can get some well deserved rest, no self-respecting dog should JUST sleep 11 hours worth of naps.

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