Back to Skool

So after my monthlong hiatus of not going to class, I had my first taste of the Data Analysis course tonite. I was sort of dreading going back, as sitting anywhere for 3 hours at a time is draining, but I am really interested in this class, particulary the regression analysis stuff. I mentioned in a post during the summer that I want to use regression and correlation style analysis in the Web Analytics world. Maybe doing probabilities for campaign success outcomes, etc.

Speaking of web analytics, the professor told me of a Web Analytics course being offered at State. Yes, I will be signing up for it when I can start taking electives next year.

Also, I think I am leaning towards trying to build a concentration around Decision Support and Analytics and make that my MBA focus. And then world domination will ensue.

I am pretty jazzed about this semester. This Data Analysis class and Marketing are on the schedule. And I have a new study buddy with Mr. Dylan.


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