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I knew this would come to me at some point and indeed Esteban tagged me as the tag game runs across blogistan.

I am completing this post in the hospital, using their wifi.

The concept essentially is to tell 5 things about yourself you wouldn’t otherwise post on your blog and then Tag 5 more people.

So here we go…

1) I am actually at this very moment waiting for the birth of my first child who is currently 8 days overdue. His code name is ‘Baby Bok Choy’ based on the cabbage you can find at the grocery store. It just sounds funny to me, so I am pretty sure he’ll be ‘Bok’ for life. And I’ll make sure to turn him into a left handed middle relief pitcher, so he can pitch for 20 plus years and take care of me when I am older. Plus, I can then live my major league dreams vicariously through him. and get free tickets to games. UPDATE : Dylan has arrived.

2) Despite the fact I have built up a decent knowledge of computers and techincal kind of stuff, I have zero formal training in any of this. Most everything I know is based on buying a book and learning code from other web sites and mutating it. I was a Marketing major destined to design creative campaigns and whatnot. Fate thought otherwise, but at some point I want to use my knowledge of metrics to do marketing campaigns, based solely on metrics.

3) Before I ended up in business school at Appalachian State and now MBA at NC State, I was an aspiring artist in my youth. I was heavily involved with all kinds of art, even winning some contests, until one day hit a wall creatively and couldn’t draw or paint anything that I thought was worth anything. At some point in college, I decided to switch to music as a creative outlet and have never looked back. While I’ll never be as good as musician as I am an artist, I find it more rewarding.

4) I am the only person in my family to never go to school at the University of Virgina, though I was born there. I went to Appalachian State to get into physical therapy school, however, I was in the last registration group and all the science courses were booked up, so my advisor told me to take an economics course to take care of an elective. The rest as they say is history as I was admitted to the biz school my freshman year.

5) I’ve broken at least 11 bones in my body from sports injuries (mainly baseball), including my right wrist 4 times. The effects of diving after flyballs in the outfield are still being felt by me.

I’ll update further with who I’ve tagged..


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