The Appalachian Dynasty

Back to back titles for my Mountaineers of Appalachian State!

Time to flip over cars in Boone and grab some moonshine. Just kidding, but really happy for Boone nation.

Watching them tonite brought back the memories of games in the ridiculous Hoth-like cold and snow and loving every minute of it. Good times.

And the future is still bright as our quarterback is a frosh and our running back is a junior. Speaking of our running back, Kevin Richardson scored 4 td’s in the championship, giving him a Tecmo Bowlish 30 TDs for the season. Unreal.

Just a great game for App State, and a great day for Mountaineers everywhere.

Back to Back to Back next year!


One thought on “The Appalachian Dynasty

  1. Nice shout out Hazen, the dynasty has truly begun.

    In addition, the App hoops team just beat your brother’s school of choice, UVA, in the San Juan tourney.

    The next step is most certainly world dominance.


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