Omniture Genesis introduced

Continuing towards more marketing integration, Omniture releases Genesis:

To see demo:

It’ll be interesting to see how integrated it really is with the various marketing vendors such as email and ad serving companies. I’d also like to see if you can control ad serving budgets just like you can with Search Engine Marketing via SearchCenter. One major bummer about Genesis is I think it costs extra.

You can see the beginnings of the holy grail where you tie all this stuff to your CRM and CMS systems. Then this stuff gets crazy scary.

I still need to figure out how to get the Web 2.0 Optimization stuff working in Omniture, as the documentation is severely lacking at present.

The thing I’ve been really impressed with Omniture, so far, is that there is a constant stream of new features and products every couple of months, instead of one monster release that takes them 2 years. Some other companies have that problem, so its nice to be surprised with new things periodically.


4 thoughts on “Omniture Genesis introduced

  1. you know I’m always willing to give you a hand with those neat coding thingies 😉

    I think Omniture succeeds in having ways to listen to their customers AND providing the right answers to them.

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