1st Semester Survival and other musings

Greetings…so first semester is in the can.

Took my econ final on Friday, and I probably got a 40. thank god for a curve.

Finished up the Long Tail project with the ‘Lessons Learned’ today. And wow, what a painful lesson it was. The mad scramble towards the finish line was chaotic and stressful. But I am really proud we pulled it together. At some point, I’ll post our findings and maybe even the white paper.

As part of the ‘Lessons Learned’ I wondered how a manager or company can utilize stress in an effective way towards meeting an objective. It really is an art-form. My group agreed that when our feet were finally being singed by the flames, we got hyper-focused and knocked out a tremendous amount of work in a week or so. But in the process there were many sleepless nites and near breakdowns. So how can you harness that manic energy without wanting to kill yourself in the process? That to me comes down to vision. If a manager, team, company can create that unifying vision, that ultimate prize, than people can do amazing things. For most of the semester we didn’t have that vision to point to, and our project meandered without a purpose. Coming up with the vision early on could have helped. Granted having a vague topic like we had and losing team members along the way didn’t help either. But the vision could, it just took us til the end to get the ephianies we needed to finish the project and make it somewhat worthwhile. Anyways…we got thru it. barely.

so now back to the work I’ve neglected for the past 4 to 6 weeks. and more importantly back to blogistan. I’ll try to knock out some of the stuff I have in queue this week. Its good to be back.


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