I am still alive

Dear avid Diary readers, just wanted to let you know I am still alive and well. 9 more days of grad school (for this semester), and then I’ll be back to writing every day. So Dec. 9th, its on…lots to discuss.

This week we published the case study, finishing off white paper (due on Fri), then present on Monday. Then I have my Econ final on Fri Dec.8th. Then its time to party.
Next semester is Data Analysis and Marketing, two things I know a little about.

Jams of the day:

1) Andrew Bird – Fake Palindromes

2) Uncle Tueplo – Steal the Crumbs

3) Pearl Jam – Sometimes

4) Coldplay – Shiver

5) The Who – Naked Eye

6) Damien Rice – Cold Water

7) Ryan Adams – Desire

8) U2 – New Years Day

9) Editors – Release

10) REM – Sweetness Follows

11) Decemberists – Eli, the Barrow Boy


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