Surviving Grad School Vol.23

Took my econ exam tonite, and I am currently brain dead. I think i did ok… I busted out what I knew on the equimarginal principle to the best of my abilities.

I am actually going to start using the sunk cost concept in all of decision making for now on. Seriously.

In the other class, one of our team members bailed on us, meaning he dropped out of school. So we now have 3 team members and 3 weeks til we present. Still need to finalize whitepaper, case study, and come up with some sort of relatively interesting 40 min presentation on the Long Tail. I am thinking of a laser light show with Pink Floyd blaring. Honestly, I still have no clue, so the Pink Floyd thing is as good of an idea as any. Fun times, let me tell you.

I can’t say I’ve slept much lately, as this stuff has pretty much worn me down. That and this plague/cold/illness has stuck around for like a month. But its only 3 more weeks. I can make it.

tomorrow i get to refocus on Long Tail after the last 5 days of econ absorption.

Supposedly Thanksgiving is next week, I had no idea.


3 thoughts on “Surviving Grad School Vol.23

  1. Jim,

    How do you find decision making at work compared with the theoretical examples in class? How would you assign values to things like design, infrastructure, content, etc, and then determine marginal benefit of each toward desired goal of greater revenue? The resulting optimized mix would be interesting to see, and see how it compares against our current investment track / strategy. I’d love to see the Powerpoint slides. ; )

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