The Fantastic Fantasy College Basketball Website is Live!

Shameless plug, part 2…

So, I had posted a few weeks on the Fantasy College Basketball Website my friends have put together, and now I’m offering more details on the games to be played at Coast 2 Coast Games.

First the address:
The site went live this week, and I think it looks rather snazzy:


Here is some info on types of games

About Our Fantasy Games

We offer three types of games, and they all operate within whichever major conference you choose. Only players from that conference and regular-season conference games are used. Each conference’s schedule is divided into units we call Blocks, of which there are 17-20 in a season, depending on the conference. As the manager of a Fantasy Team, you set your starting five for each Block of conference games and, of course, earn Fantasy Points from the real-life statistics recorded by your players.


  • Put your knowledge of college basketball to the test. In the Single-Season game, you manage a roster of 10 players. You can draft your players in a live online draft, trade them with other league members, and cut them to pick up free agents. Leagues consist of up to 10 Fantasy Teams and can be either public, where you are assigned to a league, or a private league with your friends.

Keeper League

  • Turn your franchise into a dynasty with the Keeper League, simply the best sport in cyberspace! After the initial 10-player draft, there’s a supplemental draft each year, and now you can trade your picks as well as your players (and waiver position), even in the off-season. Individual leagues can choose how many players stay on rosters from season to season.

Open League

  • The Open League is a simple introduction to Fantasy College Basketball. It’s a big free-for-all with no rosters where everyone competes against everyone. Just pick your starting five for each block out of all players in the conference. Bonus points are awarded for starting players that few other people did.

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