Geek Post Vol.1

Not much of interest to ramble about really…taking a break from thinking thru hierarchial structure of variables for our Commerce Engine via Omniture tagging.

Alert, Omniture geek coding…

Trying to decide if the variable should simply be”Shop” or”Shop : Notebooks” or further”Shop : Notebooks : ThinkPad : T Series”

or should I enable hierarchial tagging so:
s.hier=”Shop,Notebooks,ThinkPad,T Series”

I am leaning towards…”Shop”
s.hier=”Shop,Notebooks,ThinkPad,T Series”

I haven’t tried Hierarchial tagging yet, so interested to see the results of doing so.

and then an s.prop (which is a counter) for a SubSection such as “ThinkPad”

Ok, I just talked myself into it…um, this has to be my geeky post yet. But its getting late and I am tired. But back to my post the other day, as an analyst you need to think thru these things in implementation.

Jams for a Wed:
1) Travis – Re-Offender
2) Afghan Whigs – Debonair (FYI – I heard the Whigs are reuniting – story here from PitchFork (best music site around))
3) Bloc Party – Blue Light
4) Neil Young – Look Out For My Love
5) Pearl Jam – Rearviewmirror
6) Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
7) Kathleen Edwards – Six O’Clock News
8) The Gourds – Omaha
9) Sparta – Red Alibi
10) The Beatles – And Your Bird Can Sing
11) The Beatles – Back In the USSR


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