Get your culture on

This weekend I took a semi-break from work and school and culturally enriched myself. For starters my gang and I ventured over to the NC Musuem of Art on Friday nite to check out the free showing of Monet. There were roughly 60 paintings there including some of the famous ones. Pretty interesting to see the transformation of style thru the paintings, from realistic to impressionistic. Also interesting is the amount of people that showed for the event. Almost waited an hour in line like I was going to a rock concert, but yet it was just to view some paintings from 120 years ago. There is hope for humanity yet.

Of course, the State Fair was across the street. I despise the fair with a passion. This year, I heard thru the grapevine that they were selling fried Coke. How the hell do your fry a beverage? There is no hope for humanity.

The 2nd portion of my culture shock was more local. My wife and I journeyed on Saturday to Seagrove, NC which is in the middle of the state near Asheboro. The entire economy of that town is based solely on pottery. I still haven’t totally figured out why, but assume the clay there is really good or something. But literally every 5 feet in the town is a pottery studio/shop. We visited about 5 of them and checked their wares. A couple of them were rather good, particularly:

King’s Pottery

Phil Morgan

It was kind of interesting to see the different styles that the potters employed to give it some unique touches. In Morgan’s case, he used zinc in the glazing process to produce some really funky crystalline patterns which are absolutely random. It could turn out spectacular, or not.  Which in my mind is a crapshoot every time you fire up the kiln.

Anywho, now its back to work and the 2 papers I am supposed to be writing. The fun never ends.

Jams for a Wed:

1) Drive-by Truckers – Feb.14

2) Dillon Fence – Sad Inheritance

3) Twilight Singers – Martin Eden

4) Bloc Party – Tulips

5) Saves the Day – Ups & Downs

6) U2 – Electrical Storm

7) Jimi Hendrix – Hear My Train A Comin’


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