Duke’s Paulus out with broken fifth metatarsal

Coack K’s season didn’t start out to great when the one true point guard at Duke got injured the first week of practice: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/news/story?id=2627817

So probably for the first month or so, Duke will have to use a point guard by committee, which may actually help them in the long run as they develop more than one primary ballhandler. Ballhandling duties probably falls to DeMarcus Nelson, Jon Scheyer, or Gerald Henderson eventhough the ESPN article mentions 6’11” Josh McRoberts doing it.

But with an injury like that, you run the risk of reaggravating it, so could be a concern later in the season as well. I actually broke the same bone my freshman year in high school baseball, and ended up re-breaking it at least 3 other times. I could play through it in baseball, but in basketball I’d imagine is pretty painful with the jumping and lateral movements.

By the way, I like the word metatarsal.


3 thoughts on “Duke’s Paulus out with broken fifth metatarsal

  1. Doesn’t matter anyway, they will have a hard time beating Carolina with or without Paulus.

    That being said, App St. is my sleeper Final Four team this year.

  2. Jim: I recall a few years agon the N&O did a feature on this type of fracture being common among basketball players. I think it pertained to body mechanics and jumping repeatedly, and the stress it places on the foot.

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