Getting by n Grad land

Hola amigos (Jim Anchower reference)

Good to be home, long ass day. Started at 6:30 am and ended at 9 pm. Been in all-day training sessions for Omniture. The bad part is I already know it, so the training is for the benefit of others…and of course, as always, the people that probably need to be there didn’t bother showing up. Always the Catch-22. People will then complain later they haven’t been trained etc or don’t know how to use the tool. and then I will retort, “Oct 9th, should have been there…” If I get a friggin question on how we track search keywords or something, I will snap. Anyways I talked to a colleague in the hall later about it, and decided people are just lazy and expect stuff to just show up in the brain, with no effort. Like the Matrix or something…I know karate…and now Web Analytics!

Anywho…so it was a long day of training, and then off to class. I was completely wrecked physically and mentally and not looking forward to it. But…it ended up being really good stuff. Did a lot of role-playing work with trying to influence others on your position. Really helpful stuff. I loved playing the role of the boss one time. And the class flew by, and laughed a lot. Also, somehow I got a 93 on that writing assignment I blogged about the other day. At the time I had mentioned it was the worst thing I’ve ever written…apparently it wasn’t. Either that or everyone else is even worse off. So things are looking up. Still have the spectre of having to write the monster paper on the Long Tail, but think we have our ideas together on that. I get to write a piece concerning Web 2.0 fueling the Long Tail. sweet.

Music for a Monday:

1) The Smiths – William, It Was Really Nothing

2) Dillon Fence – Something For You

3) Interpol – Say Hello to Angels

4) Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

5) Blind Melon – Soul One

6) Rolling Stones – Happy (Keith on vox!!)

7) Jimi Hendrix – May This Be Love (always think of the movie ‘Singles’)

8) Stars – Ageless Beauty

I picked up the new Decemberists and Beck album this week. I think both deserve a review, so might hook that up later in the week.


3 thoughts on “Getting by n Grad land

  1. Don’t despair. If they don’t come, then they miss the boat. Pure and simple. Heck, if I can take a half day to come over and learn the advanced campaign tracking techniques, then any other person on the team can be expected to do the same. This is the DNA of the business and anyone who arrives citing an Excel spreadsheet or some personal dashboard outside of Omniture should be horsewhipped.

  2. I coudn’t make it, I have both no budget (and no power of conviction) and a Marriage going on this firday (mine). I guess I’ll have to cope with whatever you taped there.

    I really wanted to attend…

    BTW, do you know how to track visits?

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