Fun in Grad Land

So had my first exam last nite in MircoEcon. I think I at least passed, not quite sure by what margin. But good to get the first one under the belt. At first I felt just like I did when I took the GMAT in January. Like what the hell is this? When I sat down all of a sudden got clueless. Took me a moment to get my groove back. I skipped like the first 6 questions before I figured one out. After that all my studying came back to me. And I was no longer stuck in headlights.

Its been a busy week with having to turn in a writing assignment, which might have been one of the worst things I’ve ever written, but hey its done. Almost had an anxiety attack in the middle of it, until I realized its not that big a deal and knocked it out.

Spent last weekend in Boone. I wish i had taken more photos. just a beautiful place, i miss it. I miss the seasons (Rushmore reference) Good to see a lot of folks and drink a few brews. Ate at Boone Drug, which is an old-school lunch counter straight out of the 50’s. then went to the App St football game which was completely nuts. The stadium seats 17,000 and there were 26,500 people there. you do the math. it was crowded. there were people sitting up in the woods and trees and whatnot. Took us like 30 min to get a seat on a hill and even then only watched like 10 min of the game as App St destroyed Elon. I think this was the first time I didn’t make it to the Klondike, which is basically like drinking in a parking lot cuz the place holds like 10 people and a foosball table, so everyone goes outside to drink even if a blizzard is going on. which happens all the time after Halloween.

On Sunday spent the morning hiking at Price Park off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Wish I had the camera. Price Park is the sole reason my attendance during Spring Semester was always atrocious, that and Icehouse for a penny at CharlieHorse. Spent many an afternoon there chilling out. and have the grades to prove it.

My hood is having a block party tomorrow. Never been in a neighborhood that has done that before. should be cool.

Music for today spent way too long today on I-40 this morning with the monsoon going on:

1) REM – So. Central Rain

2) The Beatles – Taxman
3) Ryan Adams – Firecracker

4) Drive-by Truckers – Carl Perkins Cadillac

5) Bob Dylan – 4th Time Around

6) Drive-by Truckers – Something Got to Give Pretty Soon

7) The Cure – Just Like Heaven

8) Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman

9) Urge Overkill – Back on Me

10) Ryan Adams – Come Pick Me Up


One thought on “Fun in Grad Land

  1. Sounds like you had a weekend! I had the same “issue”: Iwhen on an exam I spent the first 10 minutes trying to go into “examination-mode”, before that I couldn’t make any sense. I keep wondering how I would perform on School now, I might have to take some courses just for the fun of it.

    BTW, and on a whole different subject, TV on the radio is performing at a music Festival (algon with Daft Punk, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and some others, more info: Nov 4, I’ll try to grab a ticket and tell you how that goes.

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