Keeping Sane in the Membrane

So this week has been a little hectic, had a lot of late nites with working on projects and calls with foreign lands, but I also have been trying to do some things to keep me relatively sane as well.

One thing is watching an episode of a tv show every nite, whether DVD or DVR. Only 20 minutes or so but gives me just a little slice of normalcy. Lately the show of choice has been Arrested Development, which is just plain ridiculous. Phenom show. Terrible ratings and only made it thru 2 1/2 seasons before getting the axe by FOX. The funny thing about the show though, is that while it got wretched Nielson ratings it was always in the top 5 shows downloaded off bit torrent. So what does that tell you??

1) Determining audience size by doing surveys and tv boxes is way outdated

2) FOX didn’t know what they had with Arrested Development. They should have been trying to do more interactive stuff on the web, which is where their audience was hiding. Much like the Office does with the way they market themselves, thru the bits on their site and selling it via iTunes.

3) If everyone was going to grab it off of the Internet for free, via bit torrent, they should have figured out a way to measure it and use the data to sell product placements

But nope…it got canned, and now only lives on in my DVD collection.

The other thing I have been doing is playing about 20 or 30 minutes of piano a day, usually late at nite after class as a way to zone out for a while. Been learning how to play “Like a Rolling Stone” the last 2 days. Really interesting to learn it as I’ve had the keyboard forever, but never really played it much as I tend to only play guitar. But the other day it was staring at me, and I decided to give it a 2nd chance. Sometimes its more fun to do things you are not good at than to do things you know you can already do.


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