Getting schooled…so far

A lot of folks ask me how school is going…so thought I’d relay some of my experiences from time to time.

I am starting to the get the hang of going back to school, at least I think so (we’ll see next week after my Econ exam). So far, I can say it is much different than the first go around 12 years ago at App St (shizzam 12 years ago!!). No more partying every nite and eating toast for 3 meals a day. Nope, the booze and abject poverty are replaced by working a job 55 hours a week at all times of the day, then going to class and group meetings at nite, then reading 150 pages on the weekend and doing research, oh and having family responsibilities on top of it. Much, much, different. I still haven’t quite got all my time management skills down pat yet. And I am still waiting to be invited to the first keg party of the semester.

Last week, our MicroEcon class attempted a virtual class thru a 3rd party application called Eluminate (i keep wanting to call it ‘Elimidate’). I actually thought it went ok, not quite like being in class but decent enough. A lot of folks complained about the audio quality etc, but to be me it was definitely worth it to sit in my home office without a shirt on and take the class (just kidding about the shirt). I would have preferred the virtual class be done via a webcam as I think that would have made it smoother, and the whiteboard could have been better, but you can definitely envision the possibilities.

In the not so distant future, I can see people taking classes at MIT or Harvard while sitting at home in Raleigh. Well, not me per se, as there is no way in hell either institution accepts me. But it opens the doors for the amount of students that could potentially take a course. Physical limitations could be thrown out the door completely. The ability for foreign students to take classes from their native countries becomes entirely possible. And this doesn’t have to be limited to universities. why not have some high school classes like that? Or complete virtual high schools that are outside of the ineffective government prison/schools that we are running today? Like i said, lots of possibilities.

One hilarious note from the virtual class…there was a chat function that we could use to ask questions to the professor as well as send notes to other students. Only problem was that people thought the messages to other students were set up to be private. And one guy wrote something like, “Man, this really sucks’ (paraphrasing) thinking it was private to another student. Little did he know that the professor could read everything that was being typed, regardless of who it was going to. Oops. After we all had a good laugh after the professor read aloud the message, a few folks immediately started writing notes like “This virtual class rocks!” and “The professor is awesome!” High Comedy….see this is why i like virtual class.


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