School + Work = Exile of a Madman

Actually its not that bad, its just getting adjusted properly. Time Management will become a key.
So..what’s new? In no particular order here is what is going on (or at least what I can think of at 9:30 pm):
1) I plan on writing a bit in the next day or so on Anderson’s “The Long Tail”, real interesting read. Now working with my team to figure out the management implications of implementing this kind of business strategy. Should be fun.

2) Went to the NCSU vs App State football 2 weekends ago. You’d think since I am now at NCSU I’d be rooting for the Pack. You’d be dead wrong. Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer. The real bad part about that game, is that we had our shot. We could have won the game, but blew it on a pivotal fumble play to take the lead. The fallout of an App St. win for the Packackers would have been priceless. Especially considering the Akron experience the next week. Side note – heading up to Boone in a few weeks, totally psyched.
3) Sold my old acoustic guitar, the Takamine, on Craigs List, and then went to Harry’s Guitar Shop down the street (great place by the way) and picked up a new Martin acoustic. I’ve always wanted one, so went gusto. Phenomenal guitar, it actually makes me sound somewhat competent, which is an illusion. I can only imagine how jealous Bobby is. This will be the guitar I use when I get off my ass to record “Legend of the Neuse”. I have song fragments and scribbled lyrics (on the ThinkPad tablet of course). Now just need to carve out a few days of concentration.

4) Listening to tons and tons of music, and reading tons and tons of pages of stuff for class. Stuff I am listening to that I got recently (for once not on random on the pod):

Bob Dylan – Modern Times

Comets On Fire – Avatar

TV on the Radio – Return to Cookie Mountain

Beirut – Gulag Orkestar

The Drams – Jubilee Dive

5) The Atlanta Braves are dead in the wild card. The reign of terror in the NL East is over. If they had Wickman the whole year, and Chipper didn’t fall apart a million times, it would have been a different story. Oh, and if the Mets didn’t acquire 7 All-Stars. Bizzare year though. Adam LaRoche decided to turn into friggin Ryan Howard all of a sudden. Going to be some interesting decisions in the offseason with Smoltz and Hudson as free agents. I am still scratching my head of the deal that sent Betemit to LA. They could really use him now with Chipper out. Oh well, it was a good run.

6) With school, trying to get myself acclimated with working in a team setting. I am so used to working by myself that its made me used to just trying to do everything without having to rely on others or try to coordinate things. I normally relish having to be solely repsonsible for things, as I like to control my own destiny. Having to rely on others to get things done is a very scary proposition for me. One of the reasons I wanted to pursue my MBA is to develop those kinds of skills, as I could see the absence of those skills limiting my effectiveness down the road and in turn burning me out pretty rapidly. So its sort of a struggle for me now, but I know it will pay dividends. This is one of the many reasons I am doing this. And because I like to punish myself.

I’ll try to have some serious posts in the next week on Analytics and Long Tail, so I can get back into the blog groove. Cuz my traffic is suffering, as is my brand awareness.


2 thoughts on “School + Work = Exile of a Madman

  1. Hey Jim, nice to see your undusting this blog… I have been missing your posts on analytics.

    It must be quite a challenge to cope with everything you have going on.

    Nice to hear you bought the new guitar, now I’m jealous!!

    I’m looking forward on seeing some posts on what you are learning and analytics.

  2. Jimbo,

    I am jealous of the guitar, sounds sweet. One of these days I am going to have to trade in the old Epiphone for a more worthly succesor. In the meantime, we need to rekindle the web camera recording session. Maybe I can get some guest credits on the “Neuse”.

    Glad to see all is well, I am interested to hear more about your MBA experience. Think I might take the plunge.


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