Apple’s Announcements

I wonder how you get to have enough stret cred to hold an exclusive unveiling of your new product lines. It has always seemed odd to me how Apple can do that. Its like free marketing from hell. I was watching CNBC at the time of the launch, and it was the main topic of the day, that and the weird HP spy case (bizzare stuff). I mean does General Mills have a monster press event when they release a new Capt’n Crunch variety? How do you get a company to that level to get away with that? It was everywhere. Is it based on the strength of the lunatic fanboy culture they’ve cultivated through online communities or is it something different that other companies can take note of and mimic?

Anywho, so they release some new pods, and some new TV device comes out soon, and you can buy movies. Nothing earthshattering, though maybe the TV device latches on. The only prob with that one is that cable companies have video on demand and all that stuff and with better quality. Only thing this little device gets you is the ability to play all the crazy stuff you’ve downloaded on your Mac or PC and then you can play it on your tv. Kinda cool, but we’ll see. If its cheap enough, might work.

Also, they released iTunes 7, which looks really cool. I like the visualization with album covers etc, and takes the form of a jukebox of sorts. Here is a snapshot from my iMac.


Bigger image at: 


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