In a more perfect world…

i looked at my blog stats and its apparent to me when I don’t write anything, my traffic suffers. And then I lose out on the massive amount of potential advertising revenue! just kidding of course.

So the big news in the PC universe is the exploding Dell story:

In a more perfect world, free of lawyers and whatnot it would be funny if other PC makers not affected by the defective batteries would have “Fire Sales” on their web sites. Or have slogans saying things like “Fired up about your last PC?….then buy one of ours!” And the potential is endless. Feel free to post your best attempts. I welcome it.

So longtime West Coast Diary reader, Bobby Haywood (aka Pedro Guerrero), asked about the legendary Conan O’Brien Harvard speech a few years ago. So here it is in all its comedic glory:

Other news….good luck to fellow Lenovian, Mike Mann, on his travels to China. He is now the secondest tallest person in that country, behind Yao Ming. He’ll be there for a year, and you can follow his adventures via his new China blog:

Today’s Jams:

1) The Rosebuds – Unwind

2) Black Sabbath – Paranoid (Ozzy!!!)

3) Radiohead – How to Disappear Completely

4) Hand-Me Down Syndrome – Tickin Time (that is actually me and some friends)

5) Bob Dylan – Seven Curses

6) The Strokes – Alone Together

If you are remotely curious about Hand-Me Down Syndrome, the mp3 can be had at:|pe1|WdjZPXLrvP2rY1SxZG0

I think we made that song like 5 years ago, and it still trips me out. Its me on vocals and acoustic guitar, and the Brothers Pflasterer on the rest. the banjo is actually a keyboard, which makes the song even funnier. enjoy.


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