Talladega Nights

So I checked out Will Ferrell’s new flick, and it was quality. Exactly what the doctor ordered in that it is basically an excuse for Ferrell to make a movie with his friends and be a redneck racecar driver. Shake and Bake! So many funny lines and what not, all the kids will be reciting dialogue the rest of the summer.

For your reading enjoyment, I’ve also added Ferrell’s classic commencement speech at Harvard in 2003.  Almost as good as Conan O’Briens, which is the gold standard.

Today’s Friday jams:

1) Death Cab for Cutie – President of What?

2) Allman Brothers – Don’t Keep Me Wonderin

3) Interpol – Take You on a Cruise

4) U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

5) Arcade Fire – No Cars Go

6) Ryan Adams – She Wants to Play Hearts

7) Sunny Day Real Estate  – Shadows

8) Dolorean – Hannibal, MO

9) Uncle Tupelo – Give Back the Keys to My Heart


One thought on “Talladega Nights

  1. Thanks for the transcript of the Harvard speech, a classic by all standards (whatever those are). Do you have the Conan one as well?

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