The World is Indeed Flat

So if any of the avid Diary readers have been wondering where I’ve been…I’ve essentially been holed up in a cave of a room working on deploying Omniture at Lenovo. In doing so, I invited a colleague from Argentina to help with the fun of deployment as his javascript skills destroy mine. So he caught a last minute flight from Buenos Aires to RTP, NC last week and was a huge help.

Besides just doing the deployment stuff, it was enlightening to hear him speak of life in Argentina. The crazy part to me is just how much people down there are aware of life here in the States and how very few here have any idea of what is going on down there. It blew my mind when he was asking me questions about TV shows that are playing on A&E. First question…people in Argentina have the A&E channel?? You think writers of shows on A&E considered it was being played in places like Argentina?? I think not. He also told me NFL games are on occassionally. THat is nuts to me. Last time I looked, we didn’t have really any programming from other countries, besides BBC news on PBS for like 2 hours…and of course, Benny Hill.

Anyone who has read Freidman’s “The World is Flat” knows the rest of the world is catching up in a big way. And I am not talking of just knowing what all is up with our pop culture garbage. There is a serious technological revolution going on around the globe. Folks in places like Argentina, Eastern Europe, India, and parts of Asia are gaining a serious IT knowledge. And they’re hungry. These guys have tons of tech knowledge and a serious work ethic. Add that with a decent understanding of the rest of the world, and seems to me that the US is in for a rocky road in about 10-15 years. If we are to remain complacement in our current educational system, we are going to feel the effects in years to come.


2 thoughts on “The World is Indeed Flat

  1. I feel somewhat obliged to reply to this one.

    First things first. Thanks Jim, because you and your wife made me feel at home away from home; I had an excellent time in all senses.

    We do have a lot of “cultural penetration”, and I think argentinians have a thing with foreign countries. During the last part of the 19th Cenutry we were “in love” with the Brits, then it was the french and now it is the Americans (culturally speaking, the best way to picture this is to walk Buenos Aires and you’ll see British-style railroad stations, French-looking 5 or 6 story buildings and theatres and some van der Rohe style skyscrapers -yes, I know Mies was European, but his modern era was achieved in the US-)

    From a more personal point of view, it was quite something. Most of the people I know who have lived in the US or spent some serious time there tell me Ameircans are not as open as Argentines. I don’t know if the “southern hospitality” had anything to do with it, but both times I’ve been in Raleigh I felt very confortable and way too well taken care of.

    I’ll probably make a more “serious” and coherent reply some other time, but wanted to give my two cents.



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