Ground control to Major Tom

I was listening to a lot of David Bowie yesterday, hence the title.

In case you were wondering I am writing this entry with my new ThinkPad Tablet. Pretty cool. I am totally geeking out these days. As a disclaimer,I blame all misspellings and weird captiLizations on the handwriting recognition software.
So I am back in Raleighwood and slowly working my way through pounds of email.Sort of an adjustment in that I can’t drink beer for lunch like I can on vacation. I guess technically I Could do so, though pretty Sure that violates Sone Corporate policies.

So… in baseball. My Braves are on a friggin roll these days absolutely killing the baseball. They’ve already scored more runs this month than all of June. the last 5 games they’ve had over 10 runs. Amazing. the keys are Chipper Jones and Brian McCann being healthy. And Wilson Betimet leading off has really done wonders too, as the Jones boys always have guys on now. I like Giles but he is not a leadoff man. So hopefully when Giles is healthy again they can find away to keep Betemit in the lineup.Somehow the Bravos now find themselves only 4 games out of the wildcard which really highlights how bad the NL sucks.Time will tell if their wretched bullpen can stabilize enough to get them to the Playoffs, but at least they didn’t roll over and die in the process.Of course by even writing about the recent success will throw them in a tailspin. Its like talking to a pitcher during a no-hitter.


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